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2005 Vancouver Cunnilingus Olympics


So you want to eat pussy?

You think you know how to eat pussy?

7 teams will be competing for the following awards:

  • Most talented tongue
  • Most technical tongue
  • Most creative technique
  • Most fun licker
  • Most creative team name
  • Most creative team cheer
  • other awards to come as we make them up

The teams can be all male, all female, or mixed.

6 requirements only:

  1. Each team member must provide proof of a clean STD/HIV test.
  2. Each team member must vouch for the mental and phusical health of the 2 other team members.
  3. Each team must prepare and bring a feast fit for royalty, to be enjoyed at the Opening Night.
  4. Each team must come up with a kick ass team name and a team cheer.
  5. Each team must be willing to have a team member present and active at 1 or 2 panels in the Saturday Panel discussions.
  6. Each team must rehearse Competition #3

If you don't have a team, you can still apply and we will do our best to place you in a team.

In order to insure your seat in a team, and your team a place in the Cunnilympics, you must send your application - and your downpayment - by January 15, 2005.

Individual applications are $750.00, taxes, food, prizes and party tickets included.

Team applications are $1,750.00, taxes, food, prizes and party tickets included.

Call or email Claude-Michel (604) 874-8429 for your application.

Let the games begin.

* April 7 8 9 2005 * Vancouver British Columbia * By Invitation Only *

Let the games begin!

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