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Why am I doing this?

VancouvEros is almost as old as I am.

We're talking 35 years and more of porn.

That's longer than most of my relationships.

So in 2002 I decided to make peace with it.

And the best way to deal with a secret addiction is to make it public.

To make it into art.

So here it is.

Art you can print and art you can eat.

  • 25 years of Marketing experience gained in Haiti, France, Quebec and British Columbia with communication agencies, consumer good companies and grassroots organizations.
  • Self-employed: Synchronium Consulting Group, Internet Marketing boutique.

  • Online Search (Ease and North Shore Self Employment programs, 4 years.)
  • Internet Marketing (Ease, Equity, Metro Training Institute, Langara College, 4 years.
  • Time Management & Decision Making (Ease, Langara College, 4 years.)

  • 14 stories published in French and English between 1986 and 2000.
  • 2 SF Short story Awards: Boreal (France, 1988) and Imagine (Quebec, 1987)
  • “Tears For Ersulie Freda” appeared in "Whispers of the Cotton Tree Root", the Caribbean SF Writers anthology edited by Nalo Hopkinson and published by Warner Brothers / Invisible Cities Press, Fall 2000.

  • Class One graduate, Screenwriting for Film and TV, Vancouver Film School, 1999.
  • Teaching Assistant, Internet for Screenwriters, VFS, 1999 – Spring 2000
  • Features:
    • “Men Without Shadow”, Voodoo/Zen Adventure/Supernatural. White priest. Voodoo shaman. Mermaid. Reptilians. Sometimes, healing can be Hell.
    • “Coriander Malt”, Romantic musical comedy co-written with Michaelin McDermott: Same crew. Same stars. Same sets. New story. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
    • “Berserke 651”: I was a good slave. I didn’t even know I was a slave. The Manchurian Candidate: Matrix Version.
  • Shorts:


I've produced, wrote, directed and edited 13 short movies since May 2002.

  • "Tucan Dance:(Producer/Writer/Camera/FCP-G4 Editor): Splatstick. A psychotic clone who thinks she's the original famous singer follows orders from a mysterious green plastic bird and its 2 zygotes acolytes. May 2002 24 hrs film contest entry.
  • Fall @ Your Feet (Producer/Writer/ Camera/FCP-G4 Editor) June 2002. 5 min, music video. Dire Straits:: “Brothers In Arms”. 2 men bring their wounded comrade into the garden where Eve awaits.
  • Illu'02 (Producer/Writer/Camera/ FCP-G4 Editor) July 2002. 5 min. documentary about Public Dreams Society’s Illuminares Lantern Parade. Live soundtrack.
  • Who By Fire (Producer/Writer/ Camera/FCP-G4 Editor) Oct. 2002. 5 min. music video about Public Dreams Society’s Parade of the Lost Souls. Leonard Cohen::“ Who by Fire” and Baraka:: “Monk walking with Tibetan bell.”
  • The Mermaid & The Valley (Producer/Writer/Camera/ FCP-G4 Editor) July 2003. 4 min. Music video. My friends. Stein Valley . The river.
  • Sylkie (Producer/Writer/Camera/ FCP-G4 Editor) June 2003. 5 min. music video. Be Good Tanyas:: “Ship out on the sea” A friend of mine wanted to show her neighborhood to back East friends and relatives
  • YMAW 2003 Producer/Writer/Camera/ FCP-G4 Editor) August 2003. Young Men’s Adventure Week-End. 4 min. video. Black Eyed Peas::”Where is the Love”.
  • Lady Strathcona: Ho::Me::Less. (Producer/Writer/Camera/ FCP-G4 Editor) Aug. 2003. 4 min National Film Board exploration project. Deep Forest + Youssou N'Dour:: “Undecided”. Neighborhood block party meets Tent City in Vancouver's oldest neighborhood.
  • Dating Blind (Partner/Co-Writer/ FCP-G4 Editor) October 2003 24 hrs film contest entry based on “Rapunzel” by the Grimm Brothers. Karen Rampion (Remix of "Dating Blind"), November 2003.
  • "Farris Unlimited" (Producer/Camera/ FCP-G4 Editor) December 2003. Paid gig for articling students' Christmas skit.
  • "Los Dos Bleedingos" (Co-Producer/Co-Writer/Camera/ FCP-G4 Editor) September 2004. Music Video Class with Gwen Haworth from Langara College.


VancouvEros Postcards: Blinks & Lyrics from Samsara